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Wild Birds

Here at Karp’s we offer a wide variety of wild bird feed and accessories!

We have feeds to feed many types of birds from Finch, Cardinals, and Blue Jays to Hummingbirds and even our bushy tailed friends!

Seed Blends

Delco No Waste

Available: 10 lbs., 20 lbs. & 40 lbs.
Ingredients: Sunflower chips, white & red millet, cracked corn and peanut hearts

DeLong Premium

Available: 10 lbs., 20 lbs. & 40 lbs.
Ingredients: White & red millet, black & striped sunflowers, cracked corn, recleaned wheat, sunflower chips, thistle, starter grit and peanut rejects

Cardinal Blend

Available: 10 lbs. & 18 lbs.
Ingredients: Black Sunflower, safflower, stripe sunflower, and peanuts

Chickadee Blend

Available: 10 lbs. & 20 lbs.
Ingredients: White millet, black sunflowers, safflower, peanut pieces, sunflower meats, dried raisins & cranberries and cherry flavoring

Wild Finch Plus

Available: 10 lbs. & 25 lbs.
Ingredients: Thistle, sunflower meats, canary seed, red & hulled millet, flax seed, and calcium bits

Woodpecker Mix

Available: 10 lbs. & 20 lbs.
Ingredients: Sunflower chips, peanut pieces, shell corn, tree nuts, black sunflower, dried raisins and dried cherries

Squirrel Treat Mix

Available: 15 lbs.
Ingredients: Shell corn, black sunflower, mixed tree nuts, raw peanuts and pumpkin seeds

Wild Bird Seed

Available: 40 lbs.
Ingredients: Cracked corn, recleaned wheat, milo, white millet and black sunflower

Non-Blend Seeds

Black Oil Sunflower:

Available In: 10 lbs., 20 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Striped Sunflower:

Available In: 20 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Peanut Pieces:

Available In: 10 lbs.

Safflower Seed:

Available In: 10 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Medium Sunflower Chips:

Available In: 10 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Raw Shelled Peanuts:

Available In: 5 lbs. & 25 lbs.


Available In: 10 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Cracked Corn:

Available In: 10 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Whole Corn:

Available In: 10 lbs. & 50 lbs.

Deer Corn:

Available In: 50 lbs.

Cobbed Corn:

Available In: 6 lbs. & 20 lbs.

We also have a wide variety of suet squares and plugs available, meal worms and more –┬áso come on in and check it out!